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Great Stone Face Book Award 2017: GFS 17

Great Stone Face Nominees - 2017

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

A Night Divided

Pax by Sara Penneypacker

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Soar by Joan Bauer

2016 Great Stone Face Book Award Winner

Winner of the 2016 Great Stone Face Award

El Deafo

by Cece Bell

New Hampshire Great Stone Face Book Award

The Great Stone Face Book Award is given annually to an author whose book was voted as the students' favorite. Students in grades 4-6, throughout New Hampshire, are eligible to participate in selecting the winner of this award. Students are introduced to the 20 nominated titles in their school library and may independently read these titles until April 2015, when voting takes place.

NH Great Stone Face Book Award Information

The Great Stone Face (Old Man in the Mountain)

The Old Man in the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face, was a rock formation that looked like the profile of an old man. It was located on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains. Although the rock formation collapsed in 2003, it is still the official New Hampshire state emblem.


Photograph used with the permission of a creative commons license

Photagrapher: robdebsgreen