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SHS Grade Book: General Grading Information

Grade Reporting Dates 2016-2017

Grade Reporting Dates for 2016-2017

Quarter One: 8/30/16-11/02/16                                                     

Grades Close:       11/02/16

Grades Due:         11/04/16

Grades Posted:     11/09/16


Quarter Two: 11/03/16-1/23/17                                                      

Grades Close:         1/23/17

Grades Due:           1/26/17

Grades Posted:       1/30/17


Quarter Three: 1/25/17-4/07/17                                                   

Grades Close:         4/07/17

Grades Due:            4/12/17

Grades Posted:       4/17/17 


Quarter Four: 4/10/17-6/19/17                                                     

Grades Close:          6/19/17

Grades Due:             6/19/17

Grades Posted:        TBD


 Grades must be submitted by 2:30 pm on the due date.

 All teachers are required to use Infinite Campus for maintaining and submitting grades for bi-weekly grade updates, progress reports, and report cards.



Updated 3/27/17

Helpful Documents

Weekly Gradebook Updates

Updating the Grade Book in Infinite Campus 2016-2017


The district is encouraging parents to use the parent portal to access student schedules, attendance and to also request updates to contact information and emergency contacts.  In addition, parents are going to be directed to follow their student’s academic progress via the parent portal, with access to grade reports and assignments.


There is an expectation that your grade book is updated on a weekly basis. A grade book update is going to vary depending on the courses you teach or the students that you have in your classes.  However, the expectation is that once a week there is some type of change made to your grade book.

How set a grading scale?