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School Counseling: Welcome to School Counseling


Check out our Adventure Based Education tab above to learn what your child is doing this year in ABE.  All eighth graders have finished up their ABE classes, and sixth graders have just completed their initial first three classes.  We will be targeting seventh graders at the start of October for three classes and will resume with grades seven and six in the winter.  Ask your child all about their experience!


Welcome to the School Counseling Department!

Welcome to the Woodbury School Counseling page! Our School Counselors offer a comprehensive school counseling program to all students at Woodbury School. Middle school is an exciting time, which brings about change and sometimes challenges for students and families. We are a resource for students, parents, and teachers and we invite you to contact us at anytime.

Where are we located?

We are located in the sixth grade wing.  If heading to our office from the Main Office, head towards the sixth grade wing and descend down the set of stairs.  We are the first door on the right after the library. Mrs. Palardy, our administrative assistant, will greet you as you enter our office.

How to make an appointment...

Students may ask their teachers for a pass to the school counseling office to make an appointment with Mrs. Palardy during the school day. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a pass  during first period class. Make sure to look at the time on the pass! When it is time to leave class, just ask your teacher to go, your pass will be signed, and you can come to our office. Parents may also call or contact any one of us if questions arise regarding their child's emotional well-being or academic status.

What does a school counselor do?

We see students individually, conduct a variety of groups - sometimes for specific subjects (social issues, changing families, academics), and we consult with families, teachers and community liaisons. Counselors teach classes in every grade level, such as adventure based education (select this tab for more information), careers, harassment and bullying. We coordinate foreign language placement and algebra placement. Counselors also work with students to help make the transition to middle school easier by visiting fifth grade classrooms every spring, and participating in an evening parent move-up night to help parents with their own transition and questions!


Sixth Grade Healthy Relationships Presentation

Amy Jo Muscott delivers her two-day healthy relationship presentation to Mr. Millas's sixth grade LA class.  Day one was devoted to playing a friendly game of Jeopardy!

Amy Jo Muscott, a mainstay presenter at our Connections program and a counselor and educator at Bridges, an advocacy organization for people in need of family and relationship support, teaches sixth graders about healthy relationships with peers.  Students learned about personal boundaries and healthy ways to communicate (for instance, learning about the "I feel _____, when you ______, because it ______" language and using I statements).  The purpose behind the two-day lesson was to teach students ways in which they could feel empowered to speak up and show empathy when navigating the middle school social scene with peers and teachers alike!





Meet our Staff

Christen Beaudoin, Grade 6 School Counselor  x3182


 Elizabeth (Liz) Remick, Grade 7 School Counselor  x3184



Marcia Murphy, Grade 8 School Counselor  x3183 


Elizabeth (Betsy) Palardy, School Counseling Administrative Asst/Registrar  x3180

Private High School Application Process

Private School Application Process‚Äč


  • Most applications are now completed strictly online. Transcripts, attendance records, teacher recommendations, and other required documents are typically uploaded or emailed.
  • Student or parent must provide Guidance Office with the school’s specific online application instructions.

***Please note it is the student’s responsibility to request, deliver links or other related materials for, and follow up on teacher recommendations***



(Please confirm that paper applications are accepted by the school(s) to which student is applying)

  • Guidance counselor, teacher, or administrator completes the school portion after first quarter grades are issued (all school ask for grade 7 & 8 grades) and other required documents are enclosed (test scores, attendance records, etc.).  The package is forwarded to the school as soon as possible, prior to the deadline.

***Please note it is the student’s responsibility to request, deliver related materials for, and follow up on teacher recommendations***