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Talbott - Absolute Monarch: Getting Started

Assignment and Due Dates

The directions for this assignment and the research organizer are located here. Make sure you are following the directions. If you have any questions, please ask.


This RAFT is due at the start of class on Tuesday November 22nd. You must turn in the graphic organizer, printed copy of your Works Cited, and a printed copy of your RAFT/article.


Honors Global will submit RAFT through Google Classroom but Works Cited and graphic organizer must be turned in at the start of class on Tuesday November 22nd.


Why use library resources?

How to use this research guide:

The best databases to find information on people would be:

  • Britannica Encyclopedia
  • Biography in Context

Use the World in Context database to gather historical information.

Download the Access My Library app on your device to access the Biography database (and many more). 

Contact Ms. Hopkins in the library or at if you need passwords.