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Tanguay Atomic Timeline Voicethread: Introduction

Getting Started


1) Finish presentation with narration as noted under Monday

2) Save presentation as PDF document

3) Activate VT account

4) Upload presentation to VT account - Tutorials

5) Record VT, delete and do it again! - Tutorials



1) Create a Google Presentation or use MS Office PPT 

2) Title it - Last Name Atomic Model (Hopkins Atomic Model)

3) Create EasyBib Project Folder

4) Gather information from library resources, credible online resources, and create presentation 

5) Add sources (including your images!) to EasyBib Project Folder

Your presentation should be image heavy as you will be narrating your presentation.

Your talking points should go in the notes section of your presentation.  


School Wide Rubric

Project Requirements

Students will research significant scientists and their experiments or model associated with the creation of the atomic time-line.   They will utilize the information to create a Voicethread presentation that will capture the following:

1) a visual of the scientist

2) a visual representation of model and/or experiment

3) explain by narration the model or experiment, including date

4) and speak about significance of contribution to atomic model

Niels Bohr
James Chadwick
John Dalton
J.J. Thomson - Joseph John Thomson
Ernest Rutherford