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Poverty and Homelessness in America : Home

Box 1: Poverty in America


  You will be directed to the following web links to answer questions about poverty in the USA.   

Box 2: Hunger in America

Watch this video to understand the social issue of hunger in the United States. The social issues of poverty and hunger go hand in hand.

Box 3 Feeding America Hunger

Click on the link below to obtain information .

Box 4: How does minimum wage play a role in poverty?

. type in

2. click student sign in

3. code wiserain905

4. Click on Archives and then click on issues

5. Feb. 3, 2014 "Does this chicken deserve a raise"?

6. answer the questions on your worksheet 


After click on the link in the box Maps of State Minimum Wages 

Box 5:Sociological Imagination

Sociological Imagination helps us as members of society to understand to fuller understand the social events and issues that surround us.  As we enter into the holiday season think of those who are less fortunate. What is it like to live in the shoes of someone who is facing poverty.  In this simulation you will experience the overwheleming pressures and choices that people have to make living in poverty.  

Box 6: Homeless Children



Poverty and Homelessness Notes


Median Household Income 

  • average household median income in 2014 was $53,657
  • Maryland (2013) had the highest household median income at $72,483
  • New Hampshire  ranked # 7 at $64,230
  • Mississippi ranked the poorest (# 50) at $37, 963

Median Household Income by Race

  • African Americans: $35,398
  • Hispanic $ 42,491
  • Asian American : $ 74,297

Looking at the Poverty Rate 

  • 46.5 million at the poverty line
  • poverty rate for a family of 4 in 2012 was $ 24,250
  • this is a weak measurement  because it doesn't factor in the degree of hardship

Hardships and Poverty

  • access to healthcare- many have no health insurance or restrictive
  • adequate food- healthy food or access to food banks


  • a child under the age of 18 living with at least one parent or caretaker in a shelter, motel, car or campground and it does not include runaways 
  • hidden homeless: those who are out of sight staying with family or friend, "couch surfers"
  • marginally homeless: those who spend 70% of income on housing


Box 7: Sports Illustrated Young, Gifted Homeless

Watch this video 

Box 8: Sports Illustrated


Click on link below to access article if for some reason you need to log in the username and password is below

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When you are done reading the article come and get the questions. Yes I want you to read the article as oppose to skimming it. 

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