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Honors Chem 2 - Presentation Tools (Tanguay): Web 2.0 Tools

What is Web 2.0?

20th Century - Print your Presentation

21st Century - Publish your Presentation

Assignment Requirements

Terms you need to know:

Web 1.0 - The old way of creating online content, requires you to be a highly skilled programmer.

Web 2.0 - Allows for anyone to easily create and share content online.  Google best web 2.0 tools to see what you can find.  

Hyperlink Text - Don't just paste an ugly, long looking URL, hyperlink your text to the website you want your viewers to visit

Embed code - Code that you can copy into your clipboard so you can add a plug-in or widget to your page

Widget - An application on a website that allows the user to do something or conveys information from the home site

Digital Footprint - The content you've left behind online.  What would it say about you?  

Periodic table on the go

Photo used with permission of a Creative Commons' license.

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car

Some books to consider checking out

Tech Help

I am not an expert in all of these technologies but if you get stuck don't hesitate to reach out.  I'll want to know the tool you are using, the problem(s) you are encountering and how you have tried to solve the problem.

Remember sometimes it just won't work but there is usually another way.

Ms. Hopkins