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Comp Research Resources 2016-17: Getting Started

What's here...

The purpose of this research guide is to direct students to resources for conducting research in Comp.   The library has a significant number of print sources and academic databases specifically designed for the topics covered in this class. 

Need help?

Ms. Hopkins, like any librarian, is here to help with...

  • developing search strategies
  • finding sources
  • properly citing sources or MLA guideline interpretation
  • technology assistance
  • finding a good book to read

Email her through your school Google account - or stop by the library to see her. 

Citation Managers

NoodleTools - has replaced our premium subscription to EasyBib for the 2016-17 school year.   

EasyBib is still available but now includes a lot of advertising. Sign up for NoodleTools or watch the EasyBib tutorial to obtain the SHS coupon code to access advanced features.  

Why are keywords so important?

#Keywords allow you to locate materials on your topic in the library catalog and databases.  You need to think about the language used by the "experts" and related synonyms.  

Keywords (think hashtags) can be:

  • People
  • Places
  • Events - i.e. 9/11
  • Time Periods/Eras - i.e. The Great Depression, 1930s
  • Issues
  • Concepts  

Don't just do one search!  Search a resource with multiple keywords and then use the database tools to refine (narrow) your results. 

Hash Browns for #breakfast by CarbonArc made available for re-use under a Creative Common's license.