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Course# 704, Grades 11-12, 1 Credit (RS), Semester

This course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the structures and operations of business. You will gain an awareness of social and ethical responsibility as it relates to the environment, consumers, employees, and investors. Business ownership, management, marketing, the global economy, money and investments will also be explored. This course is one of the four courses in the Business Pathway Program.



Course# 707, Grades 11-12, 1 Credit (RS), Semester

College Accounting is a rigorous, comprehensive study of accounting principles. Students who are interested in a career in accounting, financial management, or who intend to major in business in college should consider this course. The course content is equivalent to a first semester college accounting course. Prerequisite: B or better in Accounting or a 3.2 GPA. Eligible for 3 college credits.



Course# 712, Grades 11-12, 1 Credit (RS), Semester

In Business Management, you will be introduced to the principles and techniques underlying the successful management of business organizations. Topics you will learn include: supply and demand, market structure, entrepreneurship, leadership, motivational techniques, ethics and social responsibility, management styles, and the functions of management. You will analyze basic management activities and apply knowledge to complete a business plan for a company of your own creation. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Business Principles. Eligible for 3 college credits



Course# 713, Grades 11-12, 1 Credit (RS), Semester

Business Law will increase your understanding of business’ responsibility to know, abide by, and enforce laws and regulations that affect business operations and transactions. Students will work with case studies to learn how business and personal law affect organizations and individuals. Topics discussed include: constitutional law for business and on-line commerce, torts and privacy, business and cyber-crimes, ethics and social responsibility, and contracts and warranties. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Business Principles. Eligible for 3 college credits



Rob McLaughlin has been teaching at SHS since 1997. He is currently teaching Economics and Personal Money Management. Mr. McLaughlin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Providence College and his Business Education Teaching Certificate from New Hampshire College (Southern New Hampshire University). Mr. McLaughlin lives in Salem with his wife, Kristen, and two children, Matt and Caitlin. He has also been the SHS Boys Varsity Basketball Coach since 2010 and has coached a variety of other sports during his tenure at SHS. Outside of school, Mr. McLaughlin enjoys spending time with his family and runs the “Blue Devil Basketball Camp” each summer. 


Craig Robinson has been teaching at SHS since 1999.  Craig was in the SHS math Department for his first two years, and has been in the SHS Business Department since 2001.  He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Michigan State University in 1998, and continues to be an avid supporter of their sports teams! He also earned a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Rivier College. Craig resides in Danville, NH with his wife Kathryn who he just celebrated his 10th year Anniversary with, and his six year old first-grade daughter named Abigail. When Craig is not at SHS he enjoys running, playing tennis, and pretending to be a good golfer:)

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Susan Torrisi has been teaching at SHS since 1998.  She is currently teaching Economics and College Accounting.  She has her Bachelor’s Degree from Salem State College and her Master’s Degree from Southern New Hampshire University. She also worked at Nashoba Regional High School for 5 years prior to SHS.  Ms. Torrisi lives in Salem and has three children.  She enjoys attending her children’s sporting events and visiting her oldest son at UNH.

This is Katie Scurrah’s first year in the business program at SHS. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Merrimack College. She then earned her Master’s degree in Education from Rivier University. Katie recently moved to Salem with her fiancé and is looking forward to becoming more connected with the community. In her free time Katie enjoys mountain biking with her dog Wellie and spending time with her family.