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Imagist Poets/Early 20th Centry: Getting Started

Getting Started

Start your research by reading about your topic in encyclopedias to gain a general overview. 

WorldBook Encyclopedia


While you are skimming these articles write down keywords or short phrases which you will use to search for information in library tools (i.e. e-books, print books, academic databases, etc.).  Don't forget to look over the See Also and Reference sections in Wikipedia.

Q. What are keywords?

A. The main concepts of your topic that you will use to search for information which can be:

  • people
  • things
  • time periods/eras
  • events
  • issues
  • places
  • ideas

As you find information on your topic look for additional keywords and note that our databases and catalog may also suggest other subject terms to explore.  

Get out of your seat!

The beauty of Dewey is that topics are grouped together, so get up and go scan the 940s in both non-fiction and reference.

Or you can do a virtual shelf browse in the catalog as shown below.

You must admit this is really neat!

Print Books

We have a plethora of print resources on these topics! Click on the link to the catalog below to start your search.  

Remember you are looking for treasure and pirates don't always find the loot on their first attempt.  

Tips for using the catalog

What do these mean....

Note the little e in the bottom right corner - that means it is an e-book.  Click on the title to access the link to the book. 

Note the little video icon - that means it is a streaming video.  Click on the title to access the link to the video (how cool is that!).