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Christesen - Element Superhero: Getting Started

What's on this research guide:

Project Documents - assignment requirements, timelines, and worksheets to copy to your drive

Academic Databases:

  • Virtual Reference - access to an e-book specifically about chemical elements
  • Science in Context - your go-to database for all things science

MLA citations can be found in each article tool-bar or at the bottom.  

Publishing a Google Doc - screenshots on how to obtain a URL to create your QR code


QR Codes - watch the tutorial for instructions on creating and printing your QR code


Periodic table on the go

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car by cotitoo used with permission of a Creative Commons' license.

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car

Project Documents

How to cite a print book:

Authors last name, authors first name.  Title of Book. Publisher, Copyright date. 

Hopkins, Rachel.  My Life in a High School Library.  ABDO Books, 2017.  

How to cite the periodic table - Hsu, Tom. "Periodic Table." Foundations of Physical Science. CPO Science, 2009.