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Tanguay - Elements: Getting Started

First Steps

Monday, October 14

1) Create Word or Google Docs to collect and manage note-taking.

2) Create Google Docs for Works Cited:

  • 1) Name Last Name Works Cited Element (Hopkins Works Cited Helium)
  • 2) Share with Ms. Tanguay
  • 3) All MLA citations from the science and image database should be pasted into this document
  • 4) Finalize to satisfy MLA format guidelines
  • 5) Print and submit to Ms. Tanguay

Word Pamphlet Templates

Tuesday, October 15

Word offers a number of templates you can use to create a trifold brochure.

Very Important  - only select templates that are 8 1/2 x 11 or you will not be able to print them at SHS.