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Explorer Journal Project: Getting Started

Itinerary from India to Suez, 1541

MLA Citation

Itinerary from India to Suez, 1541. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 26 Sep 2014. 
Itinerary from India to Suez drawing made available for use Educational Use by Britannica ImageQuest.  


Project Schedule

Monday, September 29th

Introduce Explorer Journal Project


Tuesday, September 30th

Library Day One:

·         Begin Researching and taking notes 

·         Create new project folder in EasyBib

·         Record all sources


Wednesday, October 1st

Library Day Two:

·         Continue Researching and taking notes

·         Record any additional sources


Thursday, October 2nd

Library Day Three:

·         Begin drafting Journal Entries in Google Docs.


Friday, October 3rd

Library Day Four:

·         Continue drafting Journal Entries

·         Add pictures to entries

·         Record picture sources onto EasyBib


Monday, October 6th

Explorer Videos


Tuesday, October 7th

Journals are due at the start of class