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The mission of the library is to support our students and staff in their use of information for teaching, learning, creating, and personal growth. We strive to continuously develop a print and digital collection in a wide range of genres and resources that support the Salem School District curriculum as well as encourage a lifelong love of reading.

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Library Class Schedule



1- Stevenson

2 - Marshall

3- Beliveau

4 - Rose

5 - Schott


K - Boscketti

1 - Dufour

3 - LeCuyer

5 - Gatsas


1 - Mahoney

4 - Somers


2 - Johnson


Don’t forget to return your books!

Library Classes

Library classes are held once a week.  During each class students will take part in an information literacy lesson, and then have time to check out library books.  Grade 2-5 students can check out 2 books each week; Grades K-1 begin the year with one book, and then gradually move to 2 books as they become responsible library patrons. Books should be returned or renewed each week during class.  Students may be allotted extra books when working on a project, and are also welcome to exchange books on an as needed basis.  We love avid readers in the library!