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Mireault - The First Four Presidents: Biography in Context

Biography in Context - Database

You can use the search box below or just click on the image to access the login screen for this database.

US History in Context

If you feel you have exhausted the resources in the Biography database, try the US History database at the link below.  


US History in Context contains:

  • Reference Articles
  • Magazines
  • Video/Audio
  • Primary Sources

Biography in Context Screenshot Tips

These screenshots provide you with some suggestions on how best to use this database.

1) The View More link will give you a good biographical overview.  Also, use the reference articles to find general information.

2) Click on the "View More" option as shown above to see the article page and the citation options box which is on the right. Use the Citation Tools for your citation in MLA8 format.  To save your article for later review, use either the Email or Download option to your school Google account.