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Google Apps for Education: Activating Your Account

Why Google?

Every student and staff member in the district has a nhsau57 Google account.  If you would like to activate your account please stop by the high school library for assistance. 

While MS Office products are still the standard used in industry, Google Apps for education offers many features that work well in a school environment:

  • auto-saving
  • multi-user colloboration
  • access anywhere with an internet connection

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Google Guide Credit

Thank you to Ms. Hopkins and Donna Zecha for permission to utilize their Google guides and materials.

First Step - Linking your accounts

This step will link your school account with your school Google account so that they have the same password.

1) Login into your laptop or any school computer

2) Once logged in, at the same time press CTRL + ALT + Delete on the keyboard

3) Scroll down to "Change Password" and click on it

4) You should see your username in the first box

5) Enter the password you use to login to school computers in the second box

6) Repeat that same password in the third and fourth box and then click on the arrow

So, you haven't really changed your password, you've now linked your accounts so that your Google account has the same password

Second Step - Activating your nhsau57 Google Account

If the screencast below doesn't work this video is also available on YouTube.