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Lisa Hall's Classroom: Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience

Team 19 Homework

Math: worksheet Monday through Thursday, and, one word problem, due on Friday

Word Study - new pattern/concept on Monday, weekly work and assessment due on Friday

Weekly Log - due each Thursday with a parent signature

  • ST math 30 minutes
  • Typing Agent 15 minutes
  • Reading 100 minutes per week

Weekly Specials Schedule

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Music/Band

Wednesday: Chorus

Thursday: Art

Friday: Library

Educational Tools & Games

What's Happening in Team 19?

A Typical Day in Team 19

8:45-9:20 Morning Routines and Group Meeting

9:20-10:00 Reading Workshop and Project Lead the Way

10:00-10:30 W.I.N. / Independent Reading /Word Study

10:30-11:10 Specials 

11:10-12:10 Writing Workshop

12:10-12:55 Recess/Lunch 

1:00-2:10 Math Workshop

2:10 - 2:50 Content or Word Study

2:50  Pack up Routine 

3:00 Dismissal 


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Lisa Hall
Zion Hill Road
Salem, NH 03079
893-7062 x4214

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