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2016 - 2017 SHS Library Newsletter: Spring 2017

Quarterly updates for students, staff, and the greater Salem community.

New online presentation tools available.

Are you looking for new ways to present your work online?  

The school library now has school subscriptions to...

 This web tool allows you to create comics with a simple drag or drop.  You can even upload your own pictures to personalize your digital story.  Check out the library tour on the top of this page for an example.


Create an online flyer easily with access to premium features.

Contact Ms. Hopkins using your school email or stop by the library to get a school account.


Forget to check out something to read?

No worries, you can check out audio or e-books anytime from the SHS Library.  Just get the Destiny Discover app for your device and use your SHS computer login to access your account.  

Tour of the Renovated Library

General Overview of Image Quest

​New in 2017!  Download images from this database right into your Google Drive.  

All images are copyright cleared for educational use on school websites, student projects, newsletters, flyers, etc.   Find the MLA citation in the tool-bar below each image.  

Faculty Profile

Learn how Physics teacher Gary Duranko is utilizing our database and Google Classroom integration features.  

On Display: Newton's Cradles

Our first display in the library was from Mrs. Christesen's Honors Integrated Science class.  In small teams, students were challenged to create a Newton's Cradle to demonstrate three main physics principles.

This display quickly became a hit with library visitors as they tested the various models to determine what materials and construction worked best.

Student Book-club

Stop by the library to pick up a copy of this thrilling page turner...we were liars

The group will be meeting after AP exams are all done in Mid-May.