Weekly Family Note

     I hope your family enjoyed the long weekend and were able to spend time together doing something you all enjoy.  I heard that several went to the fair or apple picking.

     As the days grow shorter and the temperature begin to drop please send students to school with a jacket or sweatshirt. 

     This week’s focus:  Reading-Students will be thinking about reading goals each day.  We will work on building fluency and stopping to think and write down thoughts while reading. Writing-Students will be thinking of meaningful ideas to write about and telling stories across pages. They will practice writing the story down each page to include a beginning, middle and end to each part of their story. Math- We are learning a few more addition strategies then reviewing skills.  

If you have any questions or concerns the best way to reach me is by email rmaynard@sau57.org

Dates to Remember: 10/12 PTA meeting, 10/19 Early Release @ 1:30pm, 10/23 NSE Harvest-fest   


Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Guidance

Friday: PE

Educational Tools & Games

Class Schedule

A Typical Day

8:45-9:00 Morning Routines

9:00-9:30 Mon., Tues., Thurs.-  Interventions; ST Math, WHT practice

              Wednesday- ST Math 

              Friday- ST Fluency & interventions

9:30-10:15 Writer's Workshop

10:15-10:25 Snack Break

10:25-11:10 Reader's Workshop 

11:10-11:40  Mon., Tues., Fri.- Word Study

                   Wed. & Thurs.- Typing Agent/Word Study independent practice

11:40-12:30 Recess & Lunch Break 

12:30-12:45 Calendar & Shared Reading/Read Aloud

12:45-1:25 Unified Arts 

1:30-2:00 Mon.-Word Study

               Tues. & Thurs.- ST Math

 1:30-1:50 Wed. & Fri.- Handwriting

2:00-2:55 Math Workshop

2:55-3:00   Dismissal Routine 

3:00 Dismissal 


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603-893-7062 ext.4219

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