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Garbati - Voicethread Spanish Two Mis Vacaciones: Getting Started

Step by Step Instructions

1) Gather images that are eligible to be re-used for educational purposes 

  • ImageQuest
  • Wikimedia

2) Create Google Slides

  • Try to keep MLA image citations with the image

3)  Finalize Google Slides

4) Create Voicethread

5) Record Voicethread

  • re-record to improve!
  • Join VT Group
  • to submit, drop finished VT into Spanish 2 Block X Group


VoiceThread App





Try using the app for recording the presentation you created on the computer. 

Images with Citations!

Find images with citations!  Use our image database - ImageQuest

or try

Wikimedia - pictures with permission to be re-used and enough information about an image to create the citation.


Spanish Characters

Visit  to type words that need accent marks.  

Cntrl + C = copy

Cntrl + V = paste