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Marie Mizerek's Classroom: Welcome to Third Grade!

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Guidance (every other week)

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Physical Education

Friday: Art

Educational Tools & Games

Class Schedule

A Typical Day

8:45-9:05 Morning Routines/Work

9:15-11:15 Literacy - Reading and Writing

10:00 Working Snack 

11:15-12:10 Lunch/Recess

12:10-12:20 Handwriting 

12:20-12:50 Intervention Block 

12:55-1:35 Unified Arts

1:35-2:55 Mathematics

3:00 Dismissal 

Welcome To Team 16!

Dear Families,

Welcome to third grade!  I am delighted to be your child’s teacher and look forward to our year together.  The year will be filled with many opportunities for your child to learn and grow.

Our year begins with establishing our classroom community.  We will learn about each other and discover ways to be caring, supportive members of a team.  Creating a classroom focused on a “Growth Mindset” is a priority and one that will encourage students to give their best effort, honor and learn from mistakes, take risks in learning, persevere through challenges, embrace struggles in learning and respect all who enter our door.  The power of embracing and applying a growth mindset will help your child succeed. 

We will also work on establishing classroom procedures and routines.  Each student will receive an assignment notebook and a home/school folder.  Students are responsible for recording their homework assignments each day and having you initial the assignment acknowledging that it has been completed with best effort.  The folder is divided into two sections, one for notices, homework or work to be corrected and returned, the other for notices and corrected work that remains at home.  Please encourage your child to establish routines at home for completing their homework and sharing the assignment book and home/school folder each day.  Both need to be returned to school on a daily basis. 

New this year is a website for each classroom.  You can access our site through the Lancaster site or directly at  Our daily schedule, links to Lancaster school resources and educational tools and games are posted now. (More to come…)  There is also a direct link to my email which is a great way to communicate!  I do check email each morning and throughout the day when there is time, but may not have time to do so until the end of the day.  If you need to reach me about a change in your child’s dismissal, please call the office at 603 893-7059.  I am happy to receive phone calls before and after school.  Please feel free to send a note to school with your child or jot one down in the assignment notebook.  If you have concerns and/or questions and need to meet with me, please contact me to set up an appointment.

All school supplies will be provided for your child.  We do supply headphones for the computers that are for all to use.  Please send a pair of headphones for your child to keep in their desk if you would prefer that they not use shared headphones.  It would also be helpful for your child to bring a water bottle to school to keep on their desk and access throughout the day.  We try to eliminate as many germs in the classroom as possible and would love some donations of disinfecting wipes to clean desks off each day.

I look forward to an exciting and productive year with your family!  I hope to see you at our “Open House” on September 15th.



Marie Mizerek


                                                                                                            603 893-7059



Marie Mizerek

Lancaster School Resources