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Home page for Mr. Campbell's Global Studies Classes and info regarding extracirrculars

Welcome to Mr. Campbell's Page

Welcome to Mr. Campbell's Page

Home away from home on the internet. Here you will find important information about my classes, as well as links to homework and assignment pages. Feel free to poke around!

Student Link for Google Classroom.


Weekly Assignments

Week 29




Core 1 and 4

The Home Front: Reading

American Joins the War

Core 2 and 3

Sources Due

War Tech Changes

    HOMEWORK: Core 1+4: End of Warfare Worksheet,



    Core 1 and 4

    14 Points Assignment

    Core 2 and 3

    America Joins the War and the War Ends

HOMEWORK: Core 2+3 End of Warfare Worksheet



    The Russian Revolution

    HOMEWORK: Russian Revolution Homework



    Finish Russian Revolution

Understanding Versailles: The Seeds of the Next War

    HOMEWORK: Results of the War Worksheet



    Changes in the Map of Europe: Before and After

HOMEWORK: Review Guide handed out for Tuesday’s Test




Word of the Day

This Day in History

Quote of the Day

Social Studies Teacher

Bernard Campbell