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NoodleTools: NoodleTools Citation Manager

Why change?

In the spring of 2015 EasyBib notified it's premium school subscribers that they would no longer be offering this platform.

Librarians from throughout the state examined a number of different options and based on trials and research, the SAU57 district librarians selected NoodleTools as a replacement. 

There are pros and cons to every software tool, but we feel that anyone with an understanding of EasyBib should be able to easily adapt to this platform.  

EasyBib - what remains

Students will still be able to access their EasyBib accounts but advertisements will now be displayed prominently.  

Watch the short tutorial below for the 2016-2017 coupon code to access additional educational features.  

Hello NoodleTools!

Fall 2016

  • All freshmen students will be introduced to NoodleTools during research seminar.
  •  Upper-classmen are encouraged to activate their NoodleTools account through the Google App.

During the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • half of the freshmen were introduced to NoodleTools in research seminar
  • 5 additional classes utilized this tool for research papers  

What we've learned...

  • no glitches as we often experienced with EB
  • the teacher sharing/comment feedback process is easier to use
  • students don't like the website citation process as it does not pull in information like EB
  • for the most part students have no problem picking it up