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Library Lessons - October

Here's What Students are Learning in the Library in October

K-3: Students are once again participating in the NH Ladybug Picture Book Award voting. Each week students will listen to one of the ten nominees and voting will take place in December. Click here for more information about this award.

Kindergarten: Students are learning how to choose books independently and how to check them out of the library and return them on time. Students are also learning how to take care of their library books. Finding a safe place for their book is important as they will be bringing home their first library book.

1st Grade: Grade 1 students are reviewing how to take care of their library books and how to use bookmarks and shelf markers. They will choose a safe place to keep their books at home. They will also begin learning about the parts of a book.

2nd Grade: After reviewing book care and illustrating a safe place to keep their books, students will learn about fiction and nonfiction books and the difference between the two.

3rd Grade: Students will complete their unit on digital citizenship. They will learn how fiction and nonfiction books are arranged and learn how to read call numbers. This will prepare students to use our online library catalog.

4th & 5th Grades: Students will complete their unit on digital citizenship. Students will be participating in the Great Stone Face Book Award. In October, all 20 nominees will be introduced to students through a "book tasting". Students will get a chance to sample each of the twenty books by looking at the cover, reading the blurb, and then reading a few pages. They will be able to determine which books they'd like to read. Students can read any or all of the books and vote for their favorite in April. Click here for more information about this book award.