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Parent Resources: Bus Routes & Parking

2016-17 Bus Routes by Grade Level

SHS Student Parking


Parking Permits are open to all eligible seniors and students involved in off-site programs. Students must have no outstanding school obligations, meet all eligibility requirements, and must pay class dues ($45.00). Please print the Parking Permission Form and bring in all required paperwork to room V204. The permission form must be signed by a parent.

Parent Notice

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

This survey will be administered to students at Salem High School on March 22, 2017 and is intended to help the community measure the prevalence of certain health risk behaviors in high school students.  The information from the survey will guide the community and schools in making decisions to assist in reducing those health risk behaviors in teens and young adults. The results will remain completely anonymous and no names or otherwise identifiable attributes will be asked of the students.   

Strings Program