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Library Media Specialist Portfolio - Arlene Brown 3/2013: Domain 1 - Planning and Preparation

Demonstrating knowledge of the school's programs and student information needs within the program

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March Genre Of the Month

Our libraries will focus on one book genre each month.

Barron and Soule Libraries - Fantasy



·       Imaginary characters with places, events and problems that seem real

·       Imaginary, “enchanted” or other-worldly

·       Can take place in the past, present or future

·       Often includes magic, super-heroes, or the supernatural

·       Real world problem is solved in an unreal way



Fisk Library- Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction


·      Takes place in modern times

·       Characters are ordinary people

·       Real life experiences

·       There is a problem to be solved

·       Must be believable

Haigh Library- Science Fiction

Science Fiction

·       Based on real or predicted science knowledge

·       Often takes place in a faraway land and in the future

·       Imaginary characters involved with realistic characters

·       Readers visualize characters, setting, and actions

Lancaster and North Salem Libraries - Biography



·      True story of a real person’s life

·       Often includes real photographs, documents, and quotes

·       Shows accuracy of time and place in which the individual lived

·       Often describes the persons childhood and family background

·        Focus is on the person’s character, career or achievements


Planning the library media program integrated with the overall school program

You Should Read This Book!

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Wild Life by Cynthia DeFelice

Aiden- Fisk
“You never know what will happen next.”

Jon - Barron
“If you're into realistic fiction adventure books then this is for you."

Wonder by RJ Palacio 

Alexis- Haigh
“It pulls on your heart strings and then right after comes a joke. If is one of the best books in the world.”

Stella - North Salem 
“It was probably the best book I have ever read. It comes from all the characters hearts - especially August!”

Saving Arm Pit by Natalie Hyde

Alex - Barron
"It is the funniest book I ever read."

Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr.

George - North Salem
"It has action and real life problems."

Dante - North Salem

"This book was awesome andI'll definitely read another book by Cal Ripken Jr."


The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Milie - Lancaster
"It's so sad yet so very happy."

Daylee - North Salem

"It was heart warming and you will fall in love with all the characters."

Amy - Soule

"It breaks your heart and then mends it again."

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Kate - Barron
"Wonderstruck was so fun to read and I really felt like the characters were family."

Chloe - Fisk

"With the pictures, you can imagine anything. They let your mind go free."

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives by Matthew McElligott


Beau - Haigh

"It has Benjamin Franklin in it as a zombie. He meets a kid named Victor and they have to deal with problems that Ben has."

Kaylie - Fisk

"My favorite parts are the scary details in the house."

Pie by Sarah Weeks

Andria - Haigh

"It's like a mystery. You can't wait to read the next page. It's really a fantastic book. In every chapter there is a pie recipe.  Yummy!"

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

Nandini - Soule

"It is mysterious and kind of scary. It is about a girl who has to save her parents and the castle."

Emma - Lancaster

"You get hooked on the first page. I think the castle likes Celie. My favorite part was when her pparents went missing."





Demonstrating knowledge of literature and current trends in library media practice and informatin technology

New Nonfiction

New Fiction

New Everybody

What Is A Graphic Novel?

A graphic novel is a book that is in a comic format. It can be fiction or nonfiction and it can be one long story or a group of short stories.

In our libraries, we put stickers on our books to help identify them as graphic novels.


Missle Mouse Book Trailer

Zita the Spacegirl Book Trailer

Squish Book trailer