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Post WWII - 1960 Research Paper: Getting Started

What's new!

Historical Newspapers database - New to SHS this year!  Search five newspapers for primary sources:  

  • Boston Globe (1872-1983)
  • Chicago Tribune (1849-1992)
  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1992)
  • New York Times (1851-2012)
  • Wall Street Journal (1889-1998)

Using this database well means you take the time be aware of some of the advanced search features. Check out the help page for details or see Ms. Hopkins. 

African American Experience - We are running a trial of this database through the end of April vacation. Check it out!  Tell Ms. Hopkins what you think. (Note - username/pw are the same as all our other databases - login before you do your keyword search!)


How to use this LibGuide

Each tab above is setup to help guide you through the research process.  

1)    Stay organized by creating an EasyBib Project folder.

         optional - share it with Ms. Hopkins for feedback and source guidance

2)       Search smart - read Encyclopedia articles to determine keywords to locate sources available from the library

3s)    These tabs will help direct you to reliable sources available through the library.  

         It is not inclusive, don't be afraid to check out the Library's Database and E-Resources page for additional options. 

4)    Some suggestions on how you might take notes   

A famous bus...

Rosa Park's Bus photo by rmhermen made available for use under a Creative Common's License.