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Freshmen Research Seminar: Introduction

Course materials for students enrolled in the research seminar.

Seminar Goals

1) Become familiar with resources available through the library for research.

2) Utilize NoodleTools to manage citations, record, and organize notes.

Resources for more information

Course Expectations and Procedures

This seminar is designed to provide you with tools and resources to develop your research skills. While the focus will be on preparing you for academic research, the skills you develop will also help you gather, manage, and evaluate information for your personal and future professional life.

    • All students are expected to arrive on time, ready to begin class-work.
    • Students need to enter the library quietly, respectful of other classes and students that may also be working in the library. 
    • Upon arrival students should check the posted seating chart and starter assignment for direction.
    • Students must be prepared with independent reading material in the event the day's activities are completed prior to the end of class.
    • Lectures and assignments are posted on this website so being absent does not excuse you from the work missed.  If you are unsure, please ask. 
    • All work completed for this class will be graded and posted to Infinite Campus. 
    • Please remain in your seat or at a table until the bell rings.     

Frequently asked Questions about the Seminar


Q) Are we going to have a lot of homework?

A) If you do not utilize your class-time wisely, then yes you will have work outside of class.

Q) What if we can't finish everything in time?

A) If you are not happy with the grade you receive you may always continue to work on your assignment and re-submit.

Q) What will we learn?

A) As you learn how to use NoodleTools to manage sources you will learn about the different resources that the library has for your future academic requirements. 

Q) Do I have to take it seriously or do any work?

A) If you want to pass the seminar, yes.

Q) Are we going to have to write papers?

A) Yes, for the next four years you are enrolled in high school you will be writing papers and conducting research.  No, we will not be writing a paper in this class.

Q) Why do we have to take this course?

A) It is important that you are aware of the resources available to you as well as to strengthen your research and digital awareness skills. 


Class One Agenda

1) Complete Book Review 

2) Review Class Expectations, Procedures and Objectives

3) Determine topic of interest for the term. 

Ms. Hopkins