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Salem Pride Store: About Salem Pride

A Sense of Community Pride

Salem residents have long loved their community.  Generations have carried traditions forward and established a fabric that forms the Salem Pride foundation.  This spirit of pride has reawakened during the past several years as a momentum of improvement has carried forward.  The pride is evident in commercial development projects; perseverance in the development and establishment of a rail trail; enhanced local roads and bridges; and school renovation projects. When residents are proud of their community, they want to enhance the infrastructure and ensure opportunities for residents of all ages.  Further, representatives of all ages and demographics participate.

The words “Salem Pride” became widely used during the campaign to encourage support for a comprehensive Salem High School renovation project. The group Strengthen our Schools was instrumental in awakening the prideful spirit reflected in civic engagement and community involvement.  The result is remarkable and the momentum contagious.

The characteristics of strong thriving communities include the capacity to identify problems, establish priorities, and act.  The success of Salem’s improvements these past several years is emblematic of such characteristics.  Community leaders and grass roots groups such as Strengthen our Schools realize that improvements are necessary for the youngest and oldest of Salem’s citizens, and they act in those interests.  Though not an overnight success story, Salem Pride has been at the center of the efforts. 

A group of committed and caring people has carried the Salem Pride spirit forward by developing and adopting a formal logo to reflect that spirit in graphic form.  You can already see the logo on apparel and merchandise and soon everyone will see Salem Pride on the uniforms of high school athletes, band members, and members of clubs and activities.  Further, an online store, established specifically for this purpose, offers Salem Pride clothing for everyone interested in proudly proclaiming their interest in advancing improvement efforts.