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Scientists - why are they so important?: Getting Started!

Project Plan

Monday, January 25

1)  Continue gathering information if needed, if done see Ms. Preston for approval to start Smore

2)   Once given the ok, start at the Smore tab above to get started

3)   Create online "flyer" to advertise scientist's lecture

4)    Refer to Smore tab for instructions on how to submit

Friday, January 22

1) Create Google folder 

  • name it Last Name Intro Chem, i.e. Hopkins Intro Chem
  • share folder with Mrs. Preston

2)  Create Google doc within Intro Chem folder

  • Name document - Last Name Scientist (i.e. Hopkins Einstein)
  • Share with

3) Research Scientist with:

  • Britannica Encyclopedia
  • Biography in Context
  • Credible Websites
  • Image Quest - for relevant images



Worksheet - to be able to edit this document you need to copy it to your drive.  Select:

  • File - drop down to 
  • Make a copy
  • Rename document