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Top Ten Books 2015-2016

Soule's Top Ten Books

Author Cynthia Lord

Soule Welcomes Author Cynthia Lord on October 20, 2016!!!

Cynthia Lord's Website

"I grew up in rural New Hampshire beside a lake. We ice skated in the winter and spent most of the summers swimming and cannonballing off the dock into the water. "


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Library Lessons - September

Here's What Students are Learning in the Library in September

K-3: Students are once again participating in the NH Ladybug Picture Book Award voting. Each week students will listen to one of the ten nominees and voting will take place in December. Click here for more information about this award.

Kindergarten: Students will learn how to select books in our library and how to check them out. They will also learn about book care including how to use bookmarks and how to handle their books carefully.

1st Grade: Grade 1 students are reviewing how to take care of their library books and how to use bookmarks and shelf markers. They will choose a safe place to keep their books at home. 

2nd Grade: Students will review book care and how to select books in the library. They will draw a picture of the safe place a home where they'll keep their library books.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:  Students will be spending several weeks learning about digital citizenship and cyber safety. As students are introduced to Google Apps for Education in their classrooms, the library will be helping students understand their rights and responsibilities while they are online.