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Summer Reading - 9th Grade: Introduction


We hope this website will get you excited about the books available for the ninth grade summer reading program.  Each page contains links to more information on the book, author reviews, trailers and an opportunity to provide feedback about the book to your classmates.   Many of the contemporary titles have been suggested by ninth grade students so you can trust that they are good picks!

The books have been organized under broad genre categories, use the drop down menu to find the titles and their respective pages.  Books can often be categorized by more than one genre so don't limit yourself.

Honor's students - please visit the Honor's tab above and make sure you select at least one title from that page.  

Remember this list is just meant to be a start for your summer reading adventures.  Take advantage of Kelley Library's extensive extensive young adult section and don't hesitate to contact Ms. Hopkins if you would like access to SHS' e-books and downloadable audiobooks over the summer.  



Complete List of Titles 

Assignment Due - 8/31/2018

Free Audiobooks for Teens

 Two free audiobooks (to keep forever) are given from late Spring through end of July. 

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