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Matthews - Is your element a superhero?: Getting Started

Wednesday - last day in the library!

1) Element information fill-in sheet

      -   title document your last name and element (i.e. Hopkins helium

      -   share with Ms. Matthews


2) Publish Google Doc of superhero story.  See screenshots for assistance with publishing a Google doc.  

         Q - Should I publish my Google Doc even if I am not done?

         A - Yes,  the link you create will take the viewer back to whatever you have most recently updated in your Google Doc.


3)  Create and print QR code - see tutorial for assistance

4)  Draw, create, etc. a picture of your superhero - refer to specific directions in assignment.  Use 8 1/2 by 11 paper and affix your QR code to the picture.    


5) Works Cited Correction - see below!

       - export into Google docs from EasyBib (see EasyBib tab 3 for screenshots)

       - Copy citations and Works Cited title into the last page of your superhero story!

Periodic table on the go

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car by cotitoo used with permission of a Creative Commons' license.

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car

Project Documents


Element Information Sheet - copy this document to your drive to complete online.  In the main tool bar, under file - drop down to make a copy.




Ms. Hopkins