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Talbott - Honors World War I Research Paper: WWI

Here is the Guide for you to use to help with your Research Paper

Learning Expectations

Students will be able to effectively:

1. Use appropriate research strategies to find and evaluate information.

2. Write for a variety of purposes and audiences.  

What's on this research guide:

EasyBib: creating and sharing a project

Print and Database Suggestions and Search Strategies

Copies of documents associated with this research project

MLA Style Guidelines

Note-taking and Writing Strategies

Visual Reminders of War

In the Trenches made available for educational use by the Britannica ImageQuest database. 

Due Dates and Calendar

Thursday, March 10

Introduce Paper and Choose Topics

Parent Signature Sheet for Homework

Due: Monday March 14, 2016

Friday, March 11

Library to begin research

Follow this link to find the Libguide:

Monday, March 14

Library for research

5 Sources due at the start of class

Tuesday, March 15

Library for research

Wednesday, March 16

Library for research

30 Note Cards due at the start of class

Thursday, March 17

Library for research

Friday, March 18

Library for research

Tuesday, March 22

Library for research

Thesis Statement and Outline due at the start of class

Wednesday, March 23

Library for research

Thursday, March 24

Library for research

Bibliography and Rough Draft due at the start of class

Peer Edit Rough Draft in class

Friday, March 25

Library to work on Final Copy

Tuesday, March 29