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Teacher Site Template: Welcome to Room XXX

Use this guide to get started on your own class website. In this template are embedded school calendars, lunch menus, district calendars, etc.

How to Use this Guide

se this template as guide to create your own Class Website through LibGuides!

Remember to name your LibGuide Mr./Mrs. 'Smith'!

Pages (tabs) above are suggested. Rename or rearrange the pages (tabs) and even add your own. 

Steps to follow when you are ready to 'publish' your Guide:

1. Create a friendly URL. This will allow your students/parents to access and search for your page easier. 

To create the friendly URL: Click on the edit tool next to the Guide URL.  Add the title of your Guide to the URL. For example, if you title your Guide Mrs. Smith use that in the friendly URL.

2. Once your friendly URL is created, email Amy Chartrain ( to have the Guide linked to your site. Email:

Your Name
Your School
The Guide Friendly URL

Have fun!


Certified Technology Integrator

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Amy Chartrain
44 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH 03079
603-893-7069 x5700
Skype Contact: amy.chartrain1


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