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Thompson - Element Superhero: Getting Started

What's on this research guide:

Project Documents - assignment requirements, timelines, and worksheets to copy to your drive

Academic Databases:

  • Virtual Reference - access to an e-book specifically about chemical elements
  • Science in Context - your go-to database for all things science

MLA citations can be found at the bottom of each article

Publishing a Google Doc - screenshots on how to obtain a URL to create your QR code

QR Codes - watch the tutorial for instructions on creating and printing your QR code

EasyBib 1, 2, 3 - screenshots on how to create a project folder, add database citations and export your citations to create a MLA works cited page

Periodic table on the go

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car by cotitoo used with permission of a Creative Commons' license.

Mendeleiev's Periodic Car

Periodic Table Citation

To cite the Periodic Table handout use: 

"Periodic Table of the Elements"  Handout.  CPO Science. 2003.  Print.

If using EasyBib, copy the above then select All 59 Options, then the copy and paste link. 

Project Documents


Project Directions and schedule

Rubric - updated 3/28, please review. 

The Google docs below can be copied to your drive.  Select File on the main menu bar, then drop down to Make a copy... Rename the document and it is then saved to your drive and can be edited.

Element Information Sheet (fill-in)

Written Portion Graphic Organizer