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Karen Verry's Classroom: Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Guidance

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Library

Friday: Music

Educational Tools & Games

Make Time To...

Read every night from your choice book for 30 minutes. First find a cozy quiet spot. After reading, log your time, pages read into your Reading Log. Respond with a sentence that reflects your thinking about each night's reading. It's not about what happened but what you noticed and think about that happened.

Practice Math skills by completing in class assignments, ST Math, automaticity of math facts.

Class Schedule

A Typical Day

8:45-9:05 Morning Routines

9:05-: 9:20 Team Time

9:20-9:50 Social Studies/Science

19:50-10:30 Specials

10:30-11:30 Math

11:30- 12:15 Word Study and Read aloud

12:15- 1:00 Recess/Lunch

1:00- 1:45 Reader's Workshop 

1:45-2:30 Writer's Workshop

2:30--2:55 Intervention Block 

3:00 Dismissal 


Quotes We Love

Watch your thoughts

     they become your words

Watch your words

     they become your actions

Watch your actions

     they become your habits

Watch your habits

     They become your character

Watch your character

     It becomes your destiny.



Karen Verry
173 South Policy
Salem NH 03079
(603) 893-7053

Soule School Resources

OCTOBER Reminders

 October 14th- BOOK ORDERS due  You can order books online with the class code or send in your check in an envelope with your order. 

October 19th - Early Dismissal 1:30

October 20th- LEAF Projects due- Enjoy leaf hunting and learn lots about trees. Be creative and have FUN!!!

October 20th- Author Cynthia Lord visits Soule School to talk about being a writer and a reader.

October 28th Classroom Halloween Parties- Mrs. Rozumek will call you if you need to bring in items.