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Voicethread - NH State Constitution: Getting Started

Suggested Process

Refer to numbered tabs on this guide for directions or tutorials for each step.

1) Login to school sponsored Voicethread Account

  •    contact Ms. Hopkins in library or by email if you cannot get access
  •    join Class VT group

2) Gather images that are eligible to be-reused

  • ImageQuest
  • Creative Commons
    •    Wikimedia
    •    flickr

3) Create Google Presentation/PPT

  • last slide should be titled Image Attributions
  • use the notes portion to write your script
  • save/download Google Presentation or PPT as a PDF

4) Create and Record Voicethread

  • upload PDF to VT
  • test microphone by recording a slide
  • delete test recording
  • record then
  • re-record to make it better
  • submit - drop or share finished VT into AS1 Jolicoeur

What is your favorite place to visit in NH?

Image Attribution
Flume Gorge Waterfall
by Nietnagel found on flickr and made available for use by a Creative Common's license.

To create an image attribution follow this model:

Title of work by author found on name of website made available for use type of permission.