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Woodbury Grade 7 Team Site

Welcome Message

Welcome!  We hope this site will be helpful to students and parents for finding team information and homework and for keeping in touch with us.  Don't forget to check the parent portal for updates on assignments and attendance.

We look forward to a great year!
Mrs. Ritchie
Mrs. Clegg
Mr. Garland
Mr. Hutchinson

Miss Parker

Team News & Announcements

Thurs. & Fri. Nov. 23-24 - No school, Thanksgiving Recess

Fri. Dec. 1 - School Dance - Come to the Snow Ball!  Proceeds benefit Team Beech and Oak!

Wed. Dec. 6 - Early dismissal for teacher workshop


Tsongas Industrial Center Field Trip

Our field trip to the Tsongas Industrial Center was the highlight of the year! The purpose of this experience was to gain invaluable insight into the world of textiles and the role they played in the industrialization of America. This knowledge ties directly into our informational reading unit in ELA, which will start at the beginning of November. This reading unit will center around analyzing the book Lyddie, which is about a young girl who moves to Lowell to work in the mills when her family faces devastation. The hands-on experiences we participated in during this field trip will allow us to look at Lyddie's life with a better understanding of what working in the mills was like during the Industrialization Era. Please take a moment to visit the website below to get a glimpse into the Tsongas Industrial Center and Millyard Museum. 


Important Documents