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Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Home

~ support for learning and teaching in the digital world ~

ICT at Woodbury

Students at Woodbury School use digital technology within their regular classes. All students have an account in Google Apps for Education and use it as standard practice.  We have four mobile computer labs with laptops, as well as some  iPads around the building. There are also laptops set up in two labs and in the library.  Seventh and eighth grade students take Computer/Library as one of their Unified Arts classes, for one quarter each year. In those classes, students learn to:

  • use technology effectively, safely, and responsibly
  • use productivity applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing; forms)
  • write a program to create a simple animation
  • create and manage a blog  
  • collaborate with others
  • work "in the cloud"
  • research using online data bases
  • evaluate online content
  • create a document with properly sited sources 
  • touch type

The class is taught in two parts by Mrs. Grube and Mrs. Schwartz.

Computer Education Class