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Talbott - World War II: WWII

Citation Comments

Tuesday 4/19 - refer to EasyBib or NoodleTools for feedback on your citations.

How to find comments in EB:

Learning Expectations

Students will be able to effectively:

1. Use appropriate research strategies to find and evaluate information.

2. Write for a variety of purposes and audiences.  

What's on this research guide:

EasyBib: creating and sharing a project

Print and Database Suggestions and Search Strategies

Copies of documents associated with this research project

MLA Style Guidelines

Note-taking and Writing Strategies

WW II Video

Project Schedule

Wednesday April 13th - Pick Topic and Introduce Project

Thursday April 14th - First day in the library.- begin research

Friday April 15th - Researching in the library (day 2) -3 Source cards are due to Mrs. Talbott by the end of class

Monday April 18th - In the classroom working on research

Tuesday April 19th - In the library finishing up research and beginning to work on Smore

Wednesday April 20th - Finishing up Smore in the library

Thursday April 21st - Smore, Research Sheets and Bibliography due.




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