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Examples of ChatGPT in Motion for the Classroom Teacher

AI Can Do Your Homework. Now What?

AI Detectors

  • AI detectors should not require sign-in / sign-up, a connection to a Google account, or any personal information

  • AI detectors should be free

  • Three different AI detectors should be used to compare results

  • AI detectors are not 100% accurate and should not be the only source of comparison or determination

  • No identifying student information should be ever pasted into AI detectors - student name, school, teacher, etc.

  • AI detectors have classified human-created work as AI-created, and vice versa

  • AI detectors have a difficult time accurately identifying creative writing (fictional stories or poetry), and will likely classify AI pieces as human-created

  • The 3 AI detectors below are some of the top-rated, free, and accurate applications