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Elementary STEM: Math

Eureka Math

Eureka Math is the curriculum resource that we use to teach math in grades K-5 in Salem. It is a rigorous program that emphasizes continuity across grade levels.

Most lessons consist of:

  • a fluency activity,
  • application problem,
  • concept development (including the problem set), abd
  • student debrief

You may notice some parts left out of some lessons as teachers work to emphasize the most important content during this period of distance learning. 

In addition to the resources below, if you're looking to help your child complete the problem set for a lesson, you may look at the homework for that lesson as well.

ST Math

ST Math is a visual, game based learning program used to enhance our student's math curriculum here in Salem. The puzzles connect to the learning done in their math lessons, but without any language getting in the way of their conceptual learning of math. If you're looking to help your student as they complete the games, we would highly recommend reading the resource below titled "facilitating questions"

ST Math Resources for Parents