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Distance Curriculum Support for K-5 Teachers: Math

Here you will find Literacy and STEM specialist schedules, How To Videos related to iReady, ST Math and other tools, answers to FAQ related to the SSD Curriculum through distance learning.


Bradley St. Germain

K-5, 9-12 Math Director

Kimberly Hodgkinson

Fisk, North Salem, Lancaster


Erin Cianciolo

Soule, Barron, Lancaster


i-Ready Online Instruction Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask any question here. We will either respond to you individually and/or post the answer if it is something that may be helpful to everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Helpful Resources for Teachers

Eureka Sample Lessons

Great Minds has been putting out one example lesson per day, feel free to check if it is aligned to your pacing. Be aware that they are full lessons, and the videos last 30-50 minutes, so it may be more than your students can sustain on their own. There are also 7 minute fluency videos that have recently been added:

We have also done two example lessons for second grade to show how lessons may be adapted for distance learning:

Module 6 Lesson 19: 

Module 6 Lesson 20:

If you would like us to make example lessons for your grade level, reach out to Kim or Erin