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Learning Together: Team 3: Meet Me!

Miss Camuso's First Grade Class

Meet Miss Camuso

Dear First Grade Family,

Hello! My name is Miss Camuso. I'd like to welcome you to our fantastic first grade class. I'm so happy to be your teacher this year and I'm excited to meet you. Our first day of school will be Wednesday, August 26, 2015. On this day we will begin building our classroom community and getting to know one another. Before it all begins, I'd like to share a little bit about myself with you.

I grew up in Salem, NH and have just recently moved back. When I'm not here, I'm usually spending my time in Killington, Vermont. When I turned 5 my family joined the Killington Ski Club where I started ski racing, and met some of my closest and dearest friends. Although I no longer race competitively, I still love to spend the winter weekends on the mountain with my family and friends. This past school year I had the pleasure of being a full-year graduate intern in a kindergarten classroom at East Kingston Elementary School. I graduated in the spring with my master's degree in Elementary Education from UNH; I also hold a bachelors' degree in Family Studies from UNH.

This summer I enjoyed reading new books, biking, and hiking. A highlight of my summer was a trip my family and I went on in early August. We went to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We saw some amazing things! We saw bison, geysers, hot springs, beautiful mountains and so much more! Below are a few pictures from our trip. Since I've shared a few things about myself, I'd love to know something special about you! If you could, please draw a picture or write a story about something fun you did this summer. I would love to know a little bit more about it. I am anxious to meet you and look forward to our first day of school.  See you soon! 


Miss Camuso



Just a Few Photos

Near a Sulfur Caldron at Yellowstone  <---- There I am next to sulfur caldrons in Yellowstone. Too hot to touch!

  My mom, me and my dad at the Grand Teton National Park ---->Me, my momm and my dad at The Grand Teton National Park


 <---- one of many hot springs we saw

 <---- Bison sighting!




Miss Camuso