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NHSAS Training: FAQ

NH Secure Browser

Students: Access the NHSAS Secure Browser

  1. Turn on Chromebook, but do NOT login
  2. Click on Apps in bottom left corner
  3. Select Secure Test Browser

Test Administrators: Go to the NHSAS Test Administrator Portal at 

Documents and Forms

Pause Rules

Pause Rules:
TAs and students can pause a test in order to temporarily log the student out from the test session. Students are not permitted to review or change answers after their test is paused for more than 20 minutes, even if they marked item for review. The only exception to this rule is if a student pauses the test before answering all of the questions on the current page. These pause rules apply regardless of whether the student or the TA pauses the test or a technical issue logs the student out.

Test Timeout Rules: 
A warning message displays after 20 minutes of test inactivity. If students do not click OK within 30 seconds after this message appears, they are logged out. This timeout automatically pauses the test.

How to Close Programs in the Background

Problem: You have closed the Google Chrome Browser, but as you attempt to log into the Secure Browser, an error message pops up "Google Chrome Browser is open". 

Solution: Go to your system tray and click on the little arrow. Find the Google Chrome icon, right click and "stop Google Chrome from running in the background".