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NHSAS Training: Student Prep: NHSAS Practice

About the Practice Test

The Practice and Training Test Site allows test administrators and students to become familiar with the online testing environment before taking the live summative assessments. The practice and training tests are not intended to be used as a predictor of success on the operational NH Statewide Assessment System. These tests provide:

  • A preview of question types that may appear on operational assessments
  • An introduction to the online testing tools 

Practice Tests

Allow students to become familiar with using online testing tools to:

  • Take digital notes
  • Highlight text
  • Use the interactive Equation Response Editor for the summative Math Assessment
  • Practice tests mirror the NHSAS summative assessments. Each test provides students with a grade-specific testing experience, including a variety of question types and difficulty levels (approximately 30 items each in mathematics and English language arts/literacy).