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NHSAS Training: Math Tools

Math Toolbar: Grade 6 - 8

Math Toolbar

Masking: The Masking tool temporarily covers a distracting area of the test page
Calculator:  Only available on Grades 6-8 tests
Notes: Open on-screen notepad
Zoom Out/In: Adjust text size

Adding Points and Lines

 Delete, Add Point, Add Arrow, Add Line, and Connect Line

1. Add Point: Click Add Point button then click on grid where to add point

2. Connect or Add a Line: Click Connect Line button. Then click on starting point, hold mouse and drag to end point. Release mouse

3. Arrow: Use the Arrow button to select a point or line you would like to move

4. Delete: First, click the Delete button then click the point and/ or line to delete

Calculator Practice

Equation Response Editor

Equation Response Editor Tool   

Some questions may have a number pad on the screen. This Equation Response Editor tool is NOT an online calculator.  Click HERE and practice using the Equation Response Editor tool. 










Click on the numbers to enter the answer or type the answer using key board. 
Undo, delete, and move the cursor to the left or right using the icons above the number pad.

To enter a fraction:

1. Type fraction using keyboard. Type numerator, use / symbol, type denominator. OR

2. Click the fraction symbol in the online number pad (bottom right corner). Click in boxes to type or use number pad to enter numerator and denominator. 

Practice using the Equation Response Editor Tool using this link: Equation Response Editor Tutorial

When you see the Green Arrow, click on it to move through the tutorial.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop

This example is dragging ordered pairs onto a coordinate grid. 

1. Left click/ hold on the answer
2. Drag the answer to its location and release