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NHSAS Training: General Online Testing Tools: FAQ

Navigating through questions

Why can't I move to the next question?

  • Students must answer all test items on a page before going to the next page.
  • Some pages contain multiple items. Students will be prompted if they miss an item.
  • Students cannot skip test items. Take a "Best guess" and mark item for review. Student will be able to return to question later.
  • Navigate test pages using:
    • Questions drop-down list at the top of the page 
    •  Click the [Back] or [Next] buttons  

Global Tools

Global Tools Available for all Assessments:

  • Highlight text in passages and test questions
  • Zoom in and out of test pages (this makes the font look larger or smaller)
  • Mark items for review
  • Make notes about an item in the notepad
  • View tutorials about item type
  • Strike through (cross out answer options)
  • Access the Test Instructions and Help screen at any time

I am done! How to Submit Test

To End and Submit Test: 

After answering last question, student clicks Next and is prompted:

1. Click "OK".

2. Next, students will be prompted

3. Students can use the arrows in the Main Toolbar to review all test items and answers. When review is complete, student will click End Test from the Main Toolbar. 

4. Students will be prompted:

5. If a student clicks No, they can continue to review test items. Click Yes, and will be prompted:

6. This is one last chance for students to review their test items/answers. Choose individual questions to review. If student is done reviewing answers, click "Submit Test".