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Salem Performing Arts: SHS

SHS Performing Arts

At SHS Performing Arts, we remain committed to helping each student reach their potential in the arts, whether it's through marching in our Award Winning Marching Band, singing in one of our three choral ensembles, performing in our state of the art theater in a sold-out musical, or throwing a flag high into the air on the floor at a competition. We offer a plethora of ways for students to be involved, to get involved, and to learn specialized skills in the arts while having fun with their friends and colleagues. Please visit each of the boxes below for more information about our programs. 


Band students at SHS build upon the skills they honed at Woodbury to play a varied and diverse repertoire of music. Marching Band is our fall focus, preparing a half-time show and performing at football games, parades, and for some, competitions. In the winter and spring, students focus on Concert Band music, tone and ensemble building, and activities related to the National Core Arts Standards and NH Model Arts Competencies. Students perform in Band in two concerts each year. 

Other Band opportunities include our Pep Band in Winter, Jazz Band class and after school ensemble, Pit Band for our musical, and other performance opportunities like the annual Band Cabaret, and school Talent Show. 

Please contact Mr. Claussen, our band director, with any questions about Band at SHS!

Performing Arts Music Club

Interested in learning more about the Performing Arts Music Club? Check out their fantastic website!




Our Chorus students at SHS continue to learn about their voices through ensemble, solo, and small group singing in Chorus. Chorus students can sing in our Concert Chorus, our Advanced Chorus, and our after school choral ensembles. Singers prepare and perform a varied repertoire. Concerts include our annual Winter and Spring concerts along with other local and state events. We also offer several performing opportunities and social events for Chorus members, including the Chorus Coffeehouse and Open Mic, Stage and Screen Showcase, and more. 

Please contact Mr. Scheiber, our Chorus Director, for more information about Chorus at SHS. 

SHS Theatre Arts

Our SHS Theatre Arts students are some of the busiest students in the building! Each year, the SHS Theatre Arts program builds performers on stage, and technical skills for those behind the scenes, presenting a Fall Play, a Winter Musical, and a Spring competition show. All students at SHS are encouraged to get involved with SHS Theatre Arts. 

Please reach out to our two SHS Theatre Arts advisors, Christopher Bujold and Jillian Thiele, for more information about this exciting extracurricular program. 


Our SHS Strings Ensemble gives strings students the opportunity to continue to play well through their high school experience. Meeting with our strings instructor, Mr. Poirier, students build upon skills learned in earlier grades, or start anew with an instrument! Our strings program is new to the district and building every year. Strings students perform twice a year at major concerts and also have performed locally at nursing homes. 

Please reach out Mr. Poirier, our HS strings instructor, for more information about strings. 

Music and Theatre Courses at SHS

In addition to our very active ensembles and theatre programming, we also offer classes at SHS in:

Introduction to Theatre Arts

Acting Workshop

Advanced Drama Workshop

Guitar (beginning and advanced)

Vocal Technique (beginning and advanced)

Piano/Keyboard (beginning and advanced)

Music Technology 

Music Theory (beginning and AP level)

Unified Music

Please reach out to our music staff, or Mr. Mundy, our Director of K-12 Performing Arts, for more information about our course offerings at SHS!